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Blood and Sex, Volume 5: Tori


Victoria “Tori” Tyler is the only human among the vampiro that she considered friends before Michael disappeared. Now, she’s the caretaker of the comatose body of her friend Jonas while the rest of her life falls apart in the aftermath of the attack on th

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Blood and Sex Volume 4: Dorian

Blood and Sex Volume 4: Dorian

by Angela Cameron (Read Author's Blog)

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Blood and Sex Volume 4: Dorian — Synopsis

Newly divorced klutz LeAnne Vines just moved back to town to start her new life and new job close to her best friend Tori. She even has a promising social life with Tori and her friends. After living through hell, things are looking up.

Retired assassin, Dorian Graves, isn't so lucky. Werewolves are blackmailing him. In order to save his child, he must infiltrate the vampiro cosca and kill Michael, the city's vampire leader.

At least that was the plan until he met LeAnne. His inability to wipe her memory after taking her blood leaves them all in danger. Will LeAnne, her friendship with Tori, and her love for Dorian survive the padrone's decision?

Read more to find out who lives and who dies in this exciting continuation of the Blood & Sex series!

Customer Reviews

2muchreading (Saturday, 29 September 2012)
This book was worth the wait. I have to admit that I did cheat--I went to the end of the book to find out who got knocked off (due to the comments
lol)and then went to the beginning and started reading. Dorian/LeAnne - their story was a page turner and quite action packed. Through their story
you also got further into Michael/Tori and Jonas/Elena relationships. I'll have to say Michael is a ##@# with the way he treated Tori (that's just my
opinion, no offense to anyone). This story has everything from vamps to werewolves. The ending was a cliffhanger and left the reader with quite a few
unanswered questions. This is a must buy and is a keeper; you won't waste your money. You will be on pins and needles waiting for the next book.

About the Author

Angela Cameron

As a child, Angela spent many, many hours huddled in the bottom of her closet, reading by flashlight. Later, she began writing to entertain friends in middle school with custom tales involving their favorite celebrities and fantasy characters. By her freshman year in high school, she earned her first paid publication. Shortly after, she dropped writing in pursuit of a more "responsible" business career. Luckily, fate threw her together with several best selling writers via the marketing firm she owned. The temptation was just too great. Newly inspired, Angela went back to college to major in English and Literature (with a Creative Writing Minor). She began to write again. As an adult, her obsession with the paranormal and passion, became the topics for her work. She is an accomplished artist and the author of several published works that bridge the genres of erotic romance and the paranormal with a focus on seductive, dangerous fictionA native of the Deep South, Angela currently lives in the beautiful near Smith Lake area near Birmingham, AL with her husband and daughter. She still reads with a small book-light (although now it's in bed) and shares her stories with a few of those same friends from middle school. Visit her site at for more information, freebies, and to chat with your favorite characters.

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