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Manhandled: The Magic of Love

Manhandled: The Magic of Love

by Dale Bishop

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Manhandled: The Magic of Love — Synopsis

In this second installment of the “Manhandled” series, gay private detectives, Proctor Gamble and Blair Huntingdon, have settled into a routine at The Rainbow Detective Agency. Although they are still arguing, they are also still making love and their relationship is always moving forward.

When they meet Alonzo Albertini, an attractive young man from Tuscany who claims to be an Italian fairy with magical powers, Proctor refuses to take him as a client. He thinks Alonzo is unstable and it would be unethical. But Blair argues the point that they shouldn’t judge Alonzo and he insists on taking the case.

Proctor finally agrees and they wind up getting involved in a dangerous situation that involves a dead body, a rare priceless chalice that was allegedly stolen from the Vatican, and a client who believes he’s being chased by an old order of evil magicians. Along the way, they experience a few interesting erotic events, one of which happens in a bathhouse with four hot young men.

But is there really something magical about Alonzo, and will Proctor and Blair be able to help keep him from harm? Or for that matter, will Proctor and Blair figure out a way to solve the case and overcome the stress it puts on their relationship?

Customer Reviews

Barry (Thursday, 26 July 2012)
Great follow-up to the first book of the series. Blair and Proctor continue their sex-drenched fighting, neither quite ready to admit they are more
than fuck buddies while author Bishop adds the Italian Alonzo to the mix. Good to see a slightly different perspective on an effeminate gay man in the
story. You can tell the author loves his characters and he imbues them with very human foibles and neuroses when it comes to romance but also includes
an incredibly realistic portrayal of a relationship in which two men introduce a third partner, as well as experimenting with group sex. The scene in
the sauna with four jocks is hot hot hot. Just a personal preference here, but I really would have liked to see Proctor top Alonzo. I can hardly wait
for the third in the series. Great stuff!

About the Author

Dale Bishop

Dale Bishop is an openly gay m/m romance author with a passion for Bengal cats and men. He likes them both as rambunctious and aggressive as possible. He also loves nudity and all forms of free and open expression that doesn't box him into any particular categories. Some of his background is in criminal justice and he has some experience publishing gay fiction. Manhandled is his first published full length m/m erotic romance novel with Ravenous Romance. You can read more about him at his web site, And you can follow him at facebook by following this link,

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