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Pound: The Lion and the Steed Book II

by Chloe Stowe

True love is a marathon begun with a breathless sprint. After a wild, heart-pounding start to their relationship, Dr. Samuel Lyon and Brevyn Steed settle into their new lives together expecting the sweet calm of sameness and security to settle down aroun Read more…

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Destiny's Jewel
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Destiny's Jewel

by Rachel Kenley (Read Author's Blog)

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Destiny's Jewel — Synopsis

All Ellard had to do was take the jewel from the navel of the naked woman on whom it rested. It should have been simple.

Kyra L'orrac was committed to her assignment - stay on Earth and keep the gem from the magician who sought it.

Ellard Jaron must retrieve the sapphire, as well as its two sister stones, and return it to Dolnair. But when Kyra turns out to be a guard - and an apparent traitor - his plans quickly change.

Caught up in a complex political plot, Kyra and Ellard are equally entangled by the passion growing between them. But for Ellard, that's a problem - because as the incoming vizier, he is prohibited from being involved with any woman.
What will he sacrifice for duty? And what will they each sacrifice for the love of a lifetime?

Customer Reviews

Keira (Wednesday, 01 April 2009)
I recently went on a road trip to meet with some friends and Destiny’s Jewel [audio] was my trip companion. Who needs the radio? Seriously! Listen
to some erotica instead - it’s sure to keep you awake and get your blood pumping.

About the Author

Rachel Kenley

Rachel Kenley believes in embracing the power of passion and she does so every time she sits and spends time creating stories for the characters who live in her head. The characters in her life include her husband, two sons, her family, and a group of writer friends she would be lost without. She knows how lucky she is to be living the writer's life that has always been her dream.

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