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by Sara Winters

Carlos Valendez has everything under control: his boxing career, his academic life and the string of men who never manage to encourage more than a passing interest. When his friend Michael Dywer moves into his dorm room, he never imagines how easily it co Read more…

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Haunted Seduction
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Haunted Seduction

by Morgan James (Read Author's Blog)

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Haunted Seduction — Synopsis

Jaz O'Neill is a beautiful young photographer who can't seem to make it in the art world with her sensual black and white photographs. Frustrated, she drives to an isolated beach, where she breaks into an abandoned amusement park to take a new series of photos that may bring her the fame she seeks.

Suddenly, she finds herself trapped with others who have visited the park over the last 100 years, but have not been allowed to leave. These people, still as young and lovely as they were when they arrived, wander the park at night, surrounded by strange auras that drive them into a sexual frenzy when they come close to one another. Each night, from midnight until dawn, the rides spin and whirl, and carnival food appears at the concession stands. Jaz senses an evil, powerful presence at work.

Jaz meets handsome young musician Will, who has been prisoner in the park since 1925. Together, they must find the dark secret behind their entrapment, and discover a way to overpower the evil spirit to gain their freedom. In the midst of it all, Jaz and Will explore the surprising love and passion they discover with each other.

Will they find their escape-and will they be able to hold onto their heated passion once they do?

Customer Reviews

Camille (Sunday, 05 April 2009)
Definitely sexy erotica. And I must admit, a different take on paranormal. LOL Decent thriller with very descriptive sexy scenes.
Dana (Wednesday, 24 December 2008)
This is just a total pleasure, both as erotica and creepy paranormal thriller. Some of the best writing I've read in ages, with evocative
descriptions of a twisted carnival worthy of Ray Bradbury...but with sex. I am looking forward to more from this author!

About the Author

Morgan James

Morgan James has published both poetry and mainstream fiction, but when she discovered Ravenous Romance, she realized she'd found the perfect home for the stories she wants to write. As a child of nature, she loves the wild freedom found in mountains and forests. She also loves the wild freedom that well-crafted erotica provides both writer and reader. Morgan lives in the steamy, mysterious rural South with her handsome and likewise mysterious lover, Mitch.

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Haunted Seduction
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