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Valentine Cowboys


Ranch hands Justus White and Dakota Washburn have known each other forever, or at least since fifth grade when Melody Zane, the coolest girl in school, gave them both valentines. That Valentines Day ended in a school yard fight, and a lifelong friendship.

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Hot Licks

Hot Licks

by Jennifer Dellerman

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Hot Licks — Synopsis

A cheating boyfriend causes Gwen Coultier to seek a position as a ranger for a family with a lot going on. An orchard, private forest reserve and a bed-and-breakfast make for a chaotic mix that keeps her on her toes, especially when strange things start to happen in the reserve.

With the return of Rome, strange becomes seductive, and refraining from an intimate relationship with the boss's sexy son quickly becomes an impossibility.
Leaving his job with the ATF, Rome Felix comes home to Olivia's Orchards, weary of hunting down psychotic prey. As a shifter, the only black jaguar in his family, he needs stability and room to roam, but when a tantalizing scent greets him at the front door, his plans change, and he begins a new and more erotic type of hunt. And since cats lick what they like, tasting every inch of his mate's body will be a sensual draw he won't ignore.

Customer Reviews

Anna (Tuesday, 06 August 2013)
I love the dynamics of the characters and the continuation of the series. Truly a gifted writer. One who draws you in and kept you glued to the story
until the end. One satisfying hot read!

About the Author

Jennifer Dellerman

Jennifer Dellerman is the author of several stories in a variety of genres including erotic and suspenseful romance and thrillers. At any time you can find her devouring just about anything in written form or weaving the fantasies dancing gleefully through her imagination.  

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