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Pound: The Lion and the Steed Book II

by Chloe Stowe

True love is a marathon begun with a breathless sprint. After a wild, heart-pounding start to their relationship, Dr. Samuel Lyon and Brevyn Steed settle into their new lives together expecting the sweet calm of sameness and security to settle down aroun Read more…

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The Maestro's Maker
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The Maestro's Maker

by Rhonda Leigh Jones

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The Maestro's Maker — Synopsis

In this sequel to Maestro’s Butterfly, we discover how the vampire Claudio du Fresne was made…
When she discovers a beautiful and arrogant French noble in the hold of her master’s ship, vampire Chloe de la Roche musters the courage to escape her maker, the pirate vampire Gunnar.
Only after turning the man who will become Claudio du Fresne and his oldest friend Francois Villaforte into vampires, to help them escape, does Chloe begin to discover the darkness that binds the two men together. But by then it is too late, and she is trapped between the man who teaches her love through punishment and the man who seeks to use these same methods to subdue her so that he may have the man Chloe loves to himself.
With danger, intrigue, and kinky sex, Maestro’s Maker takes vampire erotica to passionate new levels!

Customer Reviews

Amanda (Monday, 22 December 2008)
I just Finished Maestro's Maker.rnrnLadies this story has everything you are looking for. I cannot describe in words what this book will do for
you.rnVampire fans, this is a must read! rnrnAs a vampire fan and a maledom fan, RLJ fulfills my appetite for a bite on the neck and an unyielding
hand.rnrnOur heroine begins under the boot of the classic villain, evil at the core but with a lure of raw sex Her salvation is found in a prisoner,
confident in his own dominance is surprised that the female who feeds him cannot be over powered.rnrnOnce she sires him and his companion they are
able to escape. The tables turn on our protagonist. The classic Sire masters Childe means nothing to the fledgling. He takes his place at the head of
the clan. rnrnMaestro's Maker will not disappoint. Take time, lie back with a piece of fruit and sink your teeth in to this story.

About the Author

Rhonda Leigh Jones

As an erotic romance writer, Rhonda Leigh Jones believes that the most important sex organ you have is your brain. What happens in the mind - the associations, the memories, the emotional content - is what gives meaning to the actions. Her writing reflects that. Rhonda writes about power dynamics. She enjoys frightening, dominant men and women who find strength in submission. She will take you to the edge.Rhonda was born in Augusta, GA in the United States, in 1968. She holds a B.A. in English and her professional background is in journalism.

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