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Victoria “Tori” Tyler is the only human among the vampiro that she considered friends before Michael disappeared. Now, she’s the caretaker of the comatose body of her friend Jonas while the rest of her life falls apart in the aftermath of the attack on th

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Privacy Policy - Literary Partners Group, Inc., d/b/a Ravenous Romance

This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") provides you notice of our information management practices, including the types of information we collect, how such information is used, stored and safeguarded, and the degree to which you may control the maintenance and our sharing of your information.

In order to use some of our Services, such as to register, download software, purchase content from the Services, or to receive promotional or marketing communications that may be available through any of our Services, it may be necessary for you to provide Personal Information (defined below) or other information. If you choose not to provide such Personal Information or other information, you may not be able to do some or all of these things. "Personal Information" means all of the personally identifiable information, including, without limitation, your email address, name, mailing and/or billing address, telephone or mobile number, credit card number, expiration date and other security/identification information that you may, from time to time, provide to Literary Partners Group, Inc., d/b/a Ravenous Romance through, and in connection with your use of, this site.

When we use "our", "we" or "us" in this Privacy Policy, we mean not only Literary Partners Group, Inc., d/b/a Ravenous Romance, but also the agents and contractors that operate or administer any of the Services or conduct Service-related activities on our behalf.

1. What Privacy Policies Are Applicable to Me?

This Privacy Policy governs our use and management of your Personal Information and other information, and applies to any services offered on this site as more fully defined in our terms of service (the "Services"), unless otherwise indicated or stated.

You must be at least 18 years of age to (a) agree to accept this Privacy Policy on your own behalf, (b) provide Personal Information to us, (c) use the Services, or (d) use a credit card or similar pay instrument at or through the Services, unless otherwise permitted by us. If you are under 18 years of age but at least 13 years of age, your parent or legal guardian must accept this Privacy Policy (and all applicable Terms of Service and End User License Agreements, if applicable) and transact with us on your behalf (you may not transact with us directly).

2. Acceptance of Privacy Policy.

 You accept and agree to be bound by and comply with all of the provisions of this Privacy Policy if you do, or attempt to do, any of the following: (i) download, install, copy, or otherwise access or use all or any part of any of our Services; (ii) provide information through, on, or to the Service; (iii) select or click "I Agree", "I Accept" (or other comparable, reasonably equivalent, or similar words); or (iv) continue the registration or installation process. If you do not agree to any provision of this Privacy Policy, click the icon or button that denotes "I Disagree" or "Cancel" (or any comparable, reasonably equivalent or similar words) and/or do not do or attempt to do any of (i) through (iv) above.

3. Special Notice to Parents Regarding Children Under 13.

We recognize the sensitivity of Personal Information concerning children under the age of 13 and are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the collection, storage and use of Personal Information concerning children under the age of 13, including the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

We do not target, intend to collect or allow the collection, storage or use of any Personal Information or other information from anyone under 13.We do not and will not knowingly collect, maintain, store, use or disclose such information. If you are under 13, you should not use our Services or enter or otherwise provide any Personal Information or other information about yourself through our Services. If you are a parent or guardian who knows or has discovered your child under the age of 13 has submitted his or her Personal Information or other information without your consent, permission or authorization, once we verify you are the child's parent or legal guardian, upon request, we will remove your child's Personal Information or other information from our database. To request removal of your child's Personal Information and other information, email us at Customer Service and be sure to include the same user name, email address and password your child submitted. If you don't know or are not sure, please so state in your email.

4. Personal Information Collected & Use.

General. We collect Personal Information as is required to use the features of this site and the Services, to ensure your user account is secure, and to process sales transactions. Your contact information is used to respond to your requests, for example, to send you products ordered from the site or to answer your customer service questions. We may send you periodic mailings with information on products that we think may be of interest to you, updates to the site, or upcoming events and promotions.

You are responsible for providing your most current, accurate and complete Personal Information or other information to us. If you provide your Personal Information or other information to us, you may be able to make purchases from our online stores, participate in beta tests, contests, Promotions, trial offers, chat rooms, and on bulletin boards, receive emails and text messages, complete a registration, subscribe to newsletters or mailing lists, and purchase products, content and services. We may combine Personal Information or other information you provide to us with other information we collect from you or from third parties so that we can more effectively tailor our Services and offerings to you and our other users.

Credit Card Information. You must provide your credit card or other payment account information to obtain goods, content, products, memberships or services that require payment. We verify the validity of that information and use it only for credit and payment purposes. This account information (account number, expiration date and account security number) is only shared by us with third parties as necessary to authenticate and process your payments. Credit card information you submit during the registration process is handled over secure connections; however, no Internet or wireless transmissions are completely secure and we cannot and do not guarantee that unauthorized access will never occur.

Promotional Information. We may ask you for Personal Information or other information at various times, including, but not limited to, the times you enter a promotion, contest, sweepstakes or respond to an offer (each, a "Promotion"). Requested Personal Information may include contact information (such as name, email address and shipping address), and demographic information (such as zip code and age). You may not be able to participate in a Promotion that involves or is sponsored jointly with a third party without granting us permission to share your Personal Information with the co-sponsor of the event or to the prize provider, promotional agency or administrator for the purpose of administering the event or offering. Participation in Promotions is completely voluntary and, subject to the requirements of each the Promotions, you always have a choice whether or not to participate.

Reviews, Ratings and Postings. We may allow you to request that a review, rating or posting created by you regarding available content (or content you have purchased) be posted at the website of any of the Services. Creating and posting reviews, ratings and postings is entirely voluntary and we have no obligation to you, nor will you receive anything for any submission. We reserve the right to also post any and all information you provide with your review, rating or posting (which may include, but may not be limited to, your first and last name, email address and location), and to remove, rate and/or edit your review, rating or posting. Please note that if your name or city of residence or any other information you provide is posted as described above and you change your name or city of residence or any other information you previously provided to us, we cannot and do not guarantee that such information will also be updated in any prior postings. IMPORTANT: If you submit a review, rating or other posting to us, and your review, rating or other posting is in fact posted and is posted with your name, city of residence or any other information about you, you understand that this information may be viewed by other users, whether or not they have registered with the Service and you should assume this information will be publicly available.

Surveys. From time to time we may request that you participate in surveys to help us improve our Services or to better understand our online visitors, our users, registered users and subscribers. If you participate, Personal Information or other information you provide to us is provided voluntarily by you and you do so with the understanding and knowledge that under our Privacy Policy, you are giving us your permission, and we reserve the right, to collect, store, process and/or use such Personal Information (and other information) for our internal purposes. We may also use it and for any other purposes and/or share it with anyone we disclose to you when we ask you to participate in the survey.

Customer Support. The Services may offer support and technical assistance via email. Whenever you communicate with customer support, you do so with the following understandings: (i) in order to provide the assistance you need, we or our operator or supervisor may view, use and revise your Personal Information (or any other information you may provide in your communications regarding support and assistance), (ii) we or our customer support may reply to you via email, and (iii) we may use the communications for quality assurance purposes.

5. Personal Information We Collect.

In addition to the Personal Information we collect in connection with your purchase of Services, participation in promotions, or membership in any discount or other clubs or user groups provided through this site, we may also collect the following information:

System Information. We may collect your computers', systems' and/or networks' IP addresses and message information for system administration, record keeping, capacity planning, volume and other operational reasons, as well as for advertising and royalty reporting as necessary in the conduct of our business. When you use our Services, our servers record this information, which may be stored with your registration, order or other information you provide to us.

Information About Your Visits. We collect and maintain Personal Information and other information about visitors to our Services, users of devices that access or use our Services, anyone who sends us information or communications, and recipients of our communications. Much of this information we may gather directly by asking (e.g., hobbies, interests, purchasing habits, music preferences, difficulties in using a particular feature), but we also aggregate information in a non-personally identifiable manner using our technology, such as visitors' and users' browsing or use activities, the domain or mobile phone area code or device number and carrier from which a visitor accesses or clicks through to a Service, page views, downloads, streaming and the like. We use information from our visitors to enhance and customize our Services and the advertising and Promotions we make available to attempt to create a better experience. We aggregate information (meaning it does not identify any individual) to analyze trends and statistics to improve your online experiences, our Services, and customer support. If you visit or use the Services or have registered or provided us with Personal Information about yourself, it is likely that cookies (how we use "cookies" is described in the section below entitled "Cookies") allow us to identify you and associate you with your registration, your applicable Account, user name or ID, information and preferences.

Cookies. When you visit any of our Services, we may use technology commonly referred to as a "cookie" which stores small bits of data on your computer. While actual "cookie" technology is currently among the most common, we may use a wide variety of technological tools, means and mechanisms (e.g., XML technology, clickstream data, etc.) to help us improve and enhance the Services we provide. We will use the term "cookie" to refer to any and or all of these tools, means and mechanisms, whether they are currently available and in use, developed or discovered in the future or otherwise. We use cookies in a variety of ways. For example, we use cookies to save your user ID, Account number or other information (so you do not have to re-enter it each time you visit or use our Services) and to help us keep count of your return visits to our Services and, in some cases, to our advertisers' or partners' or co-branded websites, which helps us determine which Services, Promotions, features, content and functions users like best. In general, browsers or separately purchased software tools may allow you to erase cookies from your hard drive. You acknowledge and understand that erasing cookies in connection with our Services may limit or restrict your ability to use all the features and functions of our Service.

6. Using Your Personal Information.

Without your specific consent, we may communicate with you concerning any of the following: (i) your Accounts, (ii) your transactions, (iii) your use of any of our Services, (iv) software or updates, (v) to provide you with Service announcements, and (vi) for customer support purposes (including responding to inquiries or requests you send to us). Unless you instruct us otherwise, we may also communicate with you about products, services, Promotions, or other activities we believe may be of interest to you. If you are or become a recipient of our commercial communications, there are two ways you may opt out of receiving further commercial communications from us. To receive no further commercial communications from us, you may send an email to customer support and request to be opted out of all future commercial communications. In addition, in each commercial communication you receive from us, you will be given the opportunity to "Unsubscribe" or "opt out" from receiving future communications of that type. Please note, however, that using this second mechanism will not unsubscribe you from any other categories of communications with respect to any of our Services unless you specifically unsubscribe or opt out of receiving those communications as well.

7. Sharing Your Personal Information.

General. We do not sell, rent or trade our customers' Personal Information with other companies.
We work with selected third party companies who provide specific business services, including but not limited to web site hosting, order processing and fulfillment, credit card authentication, marketing and other administrative services. We only share Personal Information with such third parties to the extent necessary for such third parties to provide those services.

We may also disclose your Personal Information we may have: (i) as required by law, regulation, governmental or judicial process or court order; (ii) as required to respond to an inquiry, request or complaint you have made; (iii) to persons or companies whom we engage to carry out or provide customer, technical or other support for the operations of our Services, our business, operations and activities; however, such persons and companies may not use such information for any other purposes unless you give your consent; or (iv) to protect the safety or property of you, our users, any third parties, the public, our suppliers, contractors, licensors or us and our affiliates. We may also share aggregate information (but not Personal Information) about our visitors and users with advertisers, business partners, sponsors and other third parties. We may also share non-personally identifiable information concerning your use of and visits to our Services with third party marketing companies for the purpose of measuring the effectiveness of marketing programs. These third party marketing companies will record pages you visit and, again, the information collected by these marketing companies is not personally identifiable.

8. Security.

Subject to and consistent with our Terms of Service, we take reasonable commercial precautions in maintaining the security and confidentiality of your Personal Information (and other information) and preventing unauthorized access. Although we take these precautions in maintaining the security of your Personal Information (and other information), we cannot and do not guarantee that unauthorized access will never occur or that any communications over the Internet, telephone, wireless or other communications means will be uninterrupted, error free or not intercepted by others improperly and without authorization.

9. Links to Other Sites.

From time to time we may offer links to other websites from our Services. Other websites may also reference, advertise, or link to our Services. However, we do not endorse or sponsor other websites, are not responsible for the privacy policies, practices or the content of such websites, expressly disclaim any statements or assertions made on such websites, and deny all liability associated with your use of, and the content on, such other websites. These websites might issue their own cookies or collect Personal Information, so please use caution when visiting an external site. We are not responsible for the actions or policies of such third parties with respect to Personal Information or other information you may give them, and you should carefully read and understand the applicable privacy policy whenever you provide Personal Information to anyone.

10. Consent to Process Personal Information in the United States.

By providing us any Personal Information or other information, all visitors, users and recipients of the Services, any communications, features, functions, Promotions or goods and services available from or through the Services, including without limitation visitors and users in the member states of the European Union, fully understand and unambiguously consent to the collection, maintenance, use and processing of such information in the United States of America and/or in territories or countries outside of the United States of America and understand and acknowledge their consent, notwithstanding that some governmental authorities may consider the level of protection of such data in the United States not equivalent to that required within the European Union or any other jurisdiction.

11. Deleting or Changing Your Personal Information.

Changes, amendments and/or deletions to your Personal Information or other information must be given directly to the Service to which such Personal Information or other information relates or has been provided. In addition, for all Services, you may generally make changes, additions and/or deletions to your Personal Information in the "My Account" or profile section of the applicable Service, including changes to any consents and options you previously selected. If you have any difficulties making changes, you may send an email to customer support from Changing your Personal Information through customer support or the "My Account" or profile section only affects the Personal Information in connection with that Service and if you have provided Personal Information to more than one Service, you must contact each Service separately to change your Personal Information in each.

12. Changes to Our Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and from time to time. Accordingly, we recommend and encourage you to check back frequently to be sure you have reviewed the most current Privacy Policy provisions and remain aware of those provisions of the current version of the Privacy Policy that apply to you. All changes to the Privacy Policy will be effective when posted and your continued use of any of our Services after the posting will constitute your acceptance of, and agreement to be bound by, all the changes.

13. Identifying Purposes.

We will use reasonable commercial efforts to notify you of the purposes for which your Personal Information is collected and used at or before the time we collect it.

14. Consent.

We provide you with the information necessary to make an informed judgment to consent to our intended use, collection and disclosure of your Personal Information, except where inappropriate, unattainable or otherwise required by law or order of a court. In certain circumstances, Personal Information may be collected, used and/or disclosed without your advance knowledge or consent, if our action is, in our reasonable judgment: (a) in your interest; (b) necessary to protect persons or property (tangible or intangible) (c) if seeking your consent might defeat the purpose (e.g., an investigation into a breach or violation of law) or (d) in regards to collection of a debt, compliance with any legal or judicial order or compulsion or as otherwise required by law. In determining the most appropriate form or means of obtaining your consent, we will consider the sensitivity of particular Personal Information we seek to collect, use or disclose. Finally, we will not require you to consent to any collection, disclosure or use of Personal Information beyond what we require to fulfill the purposes we identify to you. Of course, subject to any legal restrictions or requirements, you may withdraw your consent at any time as described in our Privacy Policy.

15. Accuracy of Personal Information.

You are responsible for helping us keep your Personal Information accurate, complete and up-to-date and we will do our part to maintain the accuracy of Personal Information you provide to us and minimize the possibility that outdated information may be used to make decisions about you or your Account. We do not update our customers' Personal Information on a routine basis. We will update your Personal Information within a reasonable time if you expressly request us to do so and/or provide us with updated Personal Information.

16. Assignment and Transfer.

We reserve the right to transfer any and all information, including your Personal Information, to a third party in the event that we sell or transfer our site assets to such third party.

17. Questions.

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy or any aspect of our collection, processing, storage or use of your Personal Information or other information held by us, please email customer service.

©2008 Literary Partners Group, Inc. All rights reserved. 

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