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Blood and Sex, Volume 5: Tori


Victoria “Tori” Tyler is the only human among the vampiro that she considered friends before Michael disappeared. Now, she’s the caretaker of the comatose body of her friend Jonas while the rest of her life falls apart in the aftermath of the attack on th

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Story of L

Story of L

by Debra Hyde (Read Author's Blog)

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Story of L — Synopsis

Liv called her hunger The Void. She thought she knew it - and herself.

Until a night with Cassandra silenced it.  And brought out something in Liv she didn't think possible: submission.

One taste of that, and Liv wanted more.

But Cassandra isn't an easy dominant.  She expects Liv to earn her way into her good graces.  And her demands aren't simple.

How many hurdles will Liv need to jump before she can kneel before Cassandra?  Before Cassandra chooses to claim her?

Just what will it take to become Cassandra's "L?"  And will the outcome be all she hopes for - and needs?

Find out in a timeless tale, retold.  Find out in Story of L.

Editorial Reviews

"This book has heart. Readers will be drawn into the story, immersed in Liv’s journey. The story feels real with rich description and straight-forward narrative." --Guilty Indulgence Book Club (5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries- A Definite Good Read)


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About the Author

Debra Hyde

In the last decade, Debra Hyde's erotic short stories appeared in numerous major anthologies from several major publishers. Now she brings her erotic writing to Ravenous Romance with her spicy and engaging novels.Among the earliest bloggers to write about sex and culture, Debra has maintained her key weblog, Pursed Lips, since 1999. She keeps a light-hearted author web site/blog, Weaving Erotic Wonders, and writes about her experiences as an e-book author and reader at Thin Air Codex. She also dabbles in podcasts and YouTube content, keeping the erotic world primed with content. (Some of these sites may be NSFW.) Beyond her writer self, Debra is an erotic adventurer, a wife and mother, a daughter and sister, a friend to others, as well as a queer supporter, eccentric bibliophile, and confirmed New Englander. She admires the golden rule, especially when its practice keeps people in loops of karmic joy.

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