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Blood and Sex, Volume 5: Tori


Victoria “Tori” Tyler is the only human among the vampiro that she considered friends before Michael disappeared. Now, she’s the caretaker of the comatose body of her friend Jonas while the rest of her life falls apart in the aftermath of the attack on th

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All I Want for Christmas is Two Hot Studs

All I Want for Christmas is Two Hot Studs

by Melanie Thompson

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All I Want for Christmas is Two Hot Studs — Synopsis

School marm, Sophie Simpson, has no idea that hidden within her prim exterior is the heart of a wanton. When she rides out to a lonely farm in a Montana snowstorm to help a student, she gets lost in the blizzard. She is saved from freezing by a handsome Indian named Chan, who is possessed of charming manners and a smooth tongue. Sophie allows herself to be seduced and falls in love with him. But Chan, ostracized by his tribe for loose morals, loves both men and women equally and can talk the pants off even a hardened railroad enforcer like Axel Dagger. Axel Dagger is the bad-ass enforcer for railroad owner, Harold C. Glass. Dagger is a dangerous killer who after being shot in the shoulder, takes Sophie to his friend in an abandoned mining town called Hell Gate to hide from Glass. Glass is obsessed with possessing Sophie and defiling her perfect white body. In Hell Gate, Sophie tends to Dagger’s wound and discovers she has a hidden side. Which hero will win Sophie for his own? Does she love Chan, the charming Indian, or Dagger, the hardened killer? Will Glass succeed in ravishing her and keeping her for himself? Will Sophie’s Christmas present be the love of a lifetime?

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About the Author

Melanie Thompson

Melanie Thompson is a bartender and single mom who loves to read and write sexy stories.

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