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Lexi Ryan

Not sexy?

2009.02.05 02:04:19

Someone once told me that male artists aren’t sexy. Really? We’re talking about the same guys, right? The guys who study and reproduce the human form with nothing short of devotion? Men who are as observant as they are creative? Men who have to have strong hands and stronger imaginations? Not sexy?

Clearly, I disagree. I had a sexy story about an artist, and I wanted to tell it. He had intense eyes, a hard body, and a secret love for the only woman off-limits to him. I wrote it, called it “The Exhibition,” and sent it to Lori Perkins for her Sex and Shoes anthology.  How thrilled was I when she wanted to publish it in the anthology and also as a stand-alone short story? I really hope you all have enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

What about you guys? What occupations or hobbies that aren’t obviously sexy to everyone else appeal to you? I have a list ... but we'll save mine for another time. Now it's your turn.

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2009.02.04 23:43:20

Hmmm...I think any occupation or hobby can be sexy if the person doing it is competent...something about watching a man or woman do something REALLY well...I think that's really sexy.
Lexi Ryan
2009.02.05 00:43:50

Completely! It always comes back to those C-words doesn't it? Confidence and competence go a long way!
Lisa Lane
2009.02.05 01:45:31

Thinkers turn me on: a man who can quote great literature (and know what he's saying), critically pick apart the news, or teach me something new ... college professors, and that type; the nerdier, the better. I am not exaggerating when I say I love my sexy hubby for his incredible brain, despite his cute face and hot body. ;-)
Jesse Blair Kensington
2009.02.05 16:56:07

I agree with all of you. I know some very sexy artists --and some that are quite unsexy ;-).
Lexi Ryan
2009.02.05 17:58:10

Hi, Lisa and Jesse! Thanks for chiming in! I agree completely on the brains, Lisa. Though, I'll be honest, it was more the tool belt that caught my eye in the beginning. ;-)

Jesse--But of course! It isn't so much that X profession is an automatic ticket to "sexiness" but my suprise that the *idea* of an artist strikes some as unsexy--to the point that some romance publishers will say "no artists, no dancers" etc, etc. But we all know it's the man behind the profession that matters in the end.
I think of your book, Appetite for Passion, here, too, Jesse. I think pre-"Naked Chef" and pre-"Take Home Chef," I would have been surprised by the idea of the profession alone attracting girls to chefs...But those pop culture phenoms made us non-food industry people see them in a whole new way. Those broad-based perceptions are fascinating to me. :-) Can you tell I'm an analytical gal at heart?

Thanks for your comments, ladies! :-)
Amber Austin
2009.02.05 20:46:31

The sexiest men I've ever known were/are artists. My story "One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure" in RR's GREEN LOVE ANTHOLOGY stars a hot Irish sculptor who transforms plastic containers into art, and a toxic waste site into a museum. Remember, artists--sculptors, painters, potters--have terrifically skillful hands. Think about it....

Also, consider the passion an artist pours into his creations. I've found that men with great imaginations can dream up all sorts of interesting possibilities sexually. I agree with Inara, too, watching a man do something he truly loves and does well entices me.

As an artist myself, and former artists' model, I know how erotic drawing, painting, or sculpting the nude form can be--even if no sex is involved. The artist and the model develop a special kind of appreciation for one another and for the wonder of the human body. It's a very sensual experience.

Lexi, I didn't know that some romance publishers nix artists as sexy male characters. What's that about? Is there some innuendo that artists are gay? Although romance publishers may not think male artists are sexy, look at the track records of some of history's famous artists and you'll find that women certainly did. Klimt never married, but had many children and lots of lovers, and claimed his affairs inspired his work. Picasso had no trouble attracting the ladies, either. And what about dancers? Does anyone think Baryshnikov's not sexy?
Ryan Field
2009.02.06 15:42:22

Some of the best, most memorable experiences I've had were with artists. And I owned an art gallery for ten years
Amber Austin
2009.02.06 23:20:24

Do tell, Ryan!

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