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Ryan Field


2009.02.07 06:11:50
Ravenous just released BERT AND BETTY this week. It's a short story that went through several transitions before it was complete, and it's one of the quirkiest stories I've written so far. I was hoping there would be something of interest to everyone with this one. Below is the sell copy...

Bert and Betty, happily married and looking to add some romantic spice to their lives, conceive a harmless little game of passion - a bold and exciting improvisation that requires an airplane, some acting talent and a great deal of imagination. And Betty is always able to conjure up something creative.

But there are rules to the game that must be followed: they have to pretend they are total strangers the minute they enter the airport, they have to invent completely different lives, and they both have to be open and willing to the element of danger their little game invokes. And on this particular flight to Nebraska, the danger involves two good looking young men in the next aisle who want to play the game, too.

Betty is always willing to try anything naughty, but she's not so sure about Bert. He tends to be more conservative about some things and he's not fond of surprises. So she decides to capture the moment, crossing the line and plunging into an erotic adventure she never expected, without bothering to tell him. But it turns out that she is actually the one who is left with her mouth hanging open in the end.

Tags: Bert and Betty | Release | Short story


Inara Lavey
2009.02.07 01:57:46

Very intriguing, Ryan!
Ryan Field
2009.02.07 20:33:56

Thanks, Inara...

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