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Victoria “Tori” Tyler is the only human among the vampiro that she considered friends before Michael disappeared. Now, she’s the caretaker of the comatose body of her friend Jonas while the rest of her life falls apart in the aftermath of the attack on th

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Keta Diablo

Four Martinis Awarded to LAND OF FALLING STARS

2009.02.16 16:44:22

The Girls On Books Blog Award Land of Falling Stars Four Martinis!

The Land of Falling Stars
Monday February 16th 2009, 1:30 am
Historical, Romance, Smokin' Hot, ebook


Not typically a reader of Historical Romance due to the ‘bodice-ripping’ stigma that hangs over the genre, I am a bit shocked to find myself drawn more and more to them since starting this venture. Keta Diablo has woven a tale set during Civil War times that is truly engaging.

At the beginning of this story I really did enjoy the characters. Gavin is a truly tormented soul, who longs to have the love he feels for Sophia returned, but struggles with his own demons. There are times in the book where you get the feeling that even he questions the events that brought him to Sophia’s door and his part in them and the burden of guilt is evident. Sophia started off as a strong character for me. Struggling to hold onto the last vestiges of her childhood, she does her best to defend it and wait for her betrothed to return so she can marry. Her resolve begins to shred from the moment Gavin arrives at the plantation. As the story progresses though, there are times I want to slap her for being wishy-washy. Gavin’s intentions and love for Sophia were evident from the start, making it hard for me to believe that Sophia held doubts (even with Gavin’s actions).

Yeah, I can’t say more than that without giving away the story or dumping spoilers, so I will finish off with this- Even with the temptation of slapping Sophia silly at times, I still enjoyed the book. My dislike of Sophia at times is a mark of good character development, because Ms Diablo was able to invoke enough emotion for me to get upset with Sophia.

So here’s toasting the Land of Falling Stars with four martinis! Slainte!



Lisa Lane
2009.02.16 23:03:32

Amber Austin
2009.02.17 21:52:23

Kudos, Keta! I lift my Bombay very dry martini with a twist to you. Cheers, Amber
keta diablo
2009.02.17 22:48:18

Thank you Lisa and Amber for commenting.

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