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Ryan Field

Lasting Love Anthology...

2009.02.16 21:30:53
The Lasting Love anthology is coming along well. So well, I'll be able to submit it earlier than I'd originally planned. And I have to admit that everyone who submitted did an excellent job. The writers worked hard and they produced some sexy, romantic short stories that I'll never forget. I'll post about some of the stories later, but in this post I wanted to thank everyone who submitted. Each and every submission was fantastic!!

I only wish I'd been able to include more submissions, because so many people took the time and effort to produce such great work. But the problem with any anthology or collection is that there's a word count, and some things have to be rejected. That's the part I hate; having to tell a writer I couldn't include something because too many people submitted stories and I had to decide which fit best with the title.

So when I write back, and I will write each and every writer who submitted to Lasting Love, and say that the rejection was based on a subjective, unbiased opinion, I hope they understand. Rejections like these are not personal; if an editor could include all the stories submitted, he or she would; but that's not possible or practical. As a writer, I've had many of these rejections myself in the past so I know the feeling.

But I wanted to thank everyone who did submit. There's a lot of talent out there and I hope these wonderful writers from all over the world continue to submit more work to ravenous romance in the future.

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Inara Lavey
2009.02.16 17:58:59

Getting a thoughtful rejection instead of a 'thanks, but no thanks' always helps ease the sting.
Ryan Field
2009.02.16 21:22:24

I know, but there's still a sting and I hate doing it.
2009.02.16 22:07:31

Well, it's the difference between the kind of sting that comes with a soothing ointment and a band-aid and one that comes with salt in the wound.
Ryan Field
2009.02.17 00:56:33

Excellent way to put it!!

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