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Elizabeth Miette

The Simple Wisdom of a Child

2009.02.28 11:53:45
My five year old bursts in the door this afternoon, all whirlwind activity and chirpy conversation. In her hands is a smudged and tattered piece of paper. She holds it up proudly and announces that it is a phone number, and asks to use the phone. I ask the name of her friend and she replies with the name of a young man in her class. (This same boy had announced several weeks ago that both she and another little girl were his girlfriends.) Funny, my daughter did not seem at all worried about this. I asked her how she felt about the little boy and she said this: "Well, I know that I like him, and I think that I might love him, but I just don't think he is ready to know that yet."  Blammo! It's almost like she had been reading my mind. I know that I love my beloved Beau, and I know I like  him as well, but I just don't know that I am ready to give up that power yet. Once I say it, he knows, this way, the poor man has to wonder just a little bit.

Tags: wisdom/love/secrets


Inara Lavey
2009.02.28 18:59:16

Kids really do say the damndest things, both on a humorous level and with an innate, instinctual wisdom I wish we could keep as adults.
Elizabeth Miette
2009.03.07 05:23:39

This is the same child who comes to me all wide-eyed and serious and asks who Darla Deeks is, and why "they" are so mean to her. Bewildered, I ask her what she is talking about. She says, "Well, you know. In that song. Darla Deeks, got dum-dum cheeks." Still nothing clicking for me. She rolls her eyes, heaven help her for dealing with her addled, blonde mother, and says, 'Mommmmmm, you sing it all of the time in the car." Hands on hips, she storms off, totally exasperated. I sing the words over and over in my head until suddenly..."Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap." Kid ruined an AC/DC classic!

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