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Can't get enough of hearts and flowers and chocolates? Why should you? Curl up with our Valentine's Day collection of romantic stories about three in love. You'll find: Kristabel Reed's tale of lusty spies who just can't keep their hands off each other w Read more…

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Jen Bluekissed
Ten Reasons to Check Out Rekindled Fire
2009.05.19 08:04:02

(This is a cross post from

-Elle Amery is an awesome editor.

-In movies, books etc. it's fun to root for the two people to get back together after having a rocky start.

-Trombone Tease has some unique sexual positions. Let's just say that in real life my husband does play trombone, and he really liked my story. He has been a very happy player since I wrote Trombone Tease!

-Black and white covers with a touch of color are super classy

-While you're looking for Rekindled Fire, there's a free book being offered on Ravenous Romance's website ( and it's hidden. If you click around the website and see an ebook or audio book that happens to be listed as $0.00, you can download it for free today.

-As my husband says, "Let's get brassy, cause I'm French Horny!"

-Valve oil

-There's a witch story by Angela Cameron.

-Jen almost has enough money to get her website up and running. I'm 90% of the way there.

-Being onstage is a ton of fun, regardless of the size of one's audience.

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