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Tag: appetite for passion

Ravenous Romance Author Blog

Jesse Blair Kensington

Another Ambrosia Interview

2009.02.09 21:57:27

Check out Neve Black at

Another one of the FABULOUS writers in the upcoming AMBROSIA anthology, which will be out on February 14.

BTW, all you sexy chocolate lovers, Wen Chocolates in Denver, Colorado is selling Pandora chocolates like crazy! (That's the chocolate that was inspired by Appetite for Passion,)



Tags: Neve Black | Ambrosia | appetite for passion | chocolate

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Ravenous Romance Author Blog

Jesse Blair Kensington

Appetite for Passion Inspires Pandora--a New Chocolate Blend. Mmmmm

2009.01.28 01:56:30

Nutmeg. Juniper. Cinnamon. Throughout history each of those spices have been said to have aphrodisiac qualities. But infuse a mixture of them into a dark chocolate and what you have is an aphrodisiac on delicious steroids. I know because I just ate two of the nuggets of delight wrought by the hands of my friend Kate Antea, who was inspired by a scene in Appetite for Passion. Kate works for Wen Chocolates in Colorado for one of the best chocolatiers in the country—Chef William Poole.

The "Pandora" spice blend has juniper, nutmeg, and cinnamon. One of my boxes has marzipan infused with the concotion, then it was dipped in fine dark chocolate. Absolutely heavenly. There is also a dark chocolate heart that has been roasted with the spice blend.  I haven't eaten it yet....I am savoring these special treats.

I haven't tried the other chocolate in the box—white heart that has rose petals, cardamom  and pistachio barque or the dark chocolate with lavendar sea salt. But I have tried another concoction, which is, well, utterly orgasmic. It's the Oshun truffles—a cinnamon, orange, and honey dark-chocolate truffle.

This chocolate is so fresh and new that it's not listed on the website. But you can email them and order it. Their website is

Just a quick word here--without  gettin to gushy. Kate is one of my oldest and dearest friends. I have known her almost as long as I've been married (18 years). She is one of those friends who will simply always be a part of me. I am so touched and honored that I don't quite know how to thank her—or Chef. I am so pleased that she was inspired by Appetite and, even more than that, I am so happy that she has found her passion and talent merging together, at last, in most delightful ways.



Tags: appetite for passion | Pandora chocolate | wen chocolates | juniper | nutmeg | cinnamon

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