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Ravenous Romance Author Blog

Angela Cameron

What's Next?

2009.02.11 01:19:42

I've been working double-time lately to catch up after a few weeks of illness. Now that my vampire novel Blood & Sex, Vol. 2: Jonas has been turned in, I can't wait to see Jonas's cover after the wonderful job that Ravenous did with the first one. It's so exciting to see this dream developing into something everyone can see and share.

I also wrote my first witch story this month, which will be in the upcoming Rekindled anthology edited by Elle Amery. I hope it's as much fun for you to read this paranormal short as it has been to write. Wynd, the hero, developed into a strong character that has me dreaming up new stories even now.  I can definitely see a new novel or two spinning out of this short.

There are a few other pieces I'm putting together. New curiosities are opening me to strange and diverse story lines. I'm learning more about the various fetishes that people have and exploring their depths to see what new lessons of human nature I can find. But I'm torn between so many fascinating subjects that I'm lost for a defined direction.

That's why I'm putting a shout out now to all the readers. I'd like to know what interests you, what you'd like to read about. I'd also like to know what you found interesting in the stories I have out so far. If you have thoughts that you'd like to post, please comment here or email me.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you!


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Ravenous Romance Author Blog

Brandi Woodlawn

Five Golden Rings

2009.01.15 20:13:45

Before Christmas, RR released a series of short stories called The Twelve Days of Christmas.  The theme is loosely based on the Christmas carol of the same name.  I was lucky enough to snag Day 5 - Five Golden Rings.

As I said in my initial RR blog post, fetishes are fascinating to me.  (I may have a fetish for learning about fetishes...LOL!)  I like to know what motivates people to do what they do, how they figure out what they like or dislike as far as sex is concerned.  While I was doing some research, I learned about a kink called orgasm control or release training.  (Think Pavlov's dog, but orgasm instead of salivation as the response.)  Then I saw a picture of a rather unique vibrator that had five gold rings on it.

When the image of the vibrator and the idea of orgasm control met in my mind, the story Five Golden Rings was born.  Although it is a Christmas themed story, that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy it now.  If it's as cold where you are, as it is here, might I suggest this hot little story to heat you up on a cold winter's night?

I hope you enjoy it.



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