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Lexi Ryan

Not sexy?

2009.02.05 02:04:19

Someone once told me that male artists aren’t sexy. Really? We’re talking about the same guys, right? The guys who study and reproduce the human form with nothing short of devotion? Men who are as observant as they are creative? Men who have to have strong hands and stronger imaginations? Not sexy?

Clearly, I disagree. I had a sexy story about an artist, and I wanted to tell it. He had intense eyes, a hard body, and a secret love for the only woman off-limits to him. I wrote it, called it “The Exhibition,” and sent it to Lori Perkins for her Sex and Shoes anthology.  How thrilled was I when she wanted to publish it in the anthology and also as a stand-alone short story? I really hope you all have enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

What about you guys? What occupations or hobbies that aren’t obviously sexy to everyone else appeal to you? I have a list ... but we'll save mine for another time. Now it's your turn.

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