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Jen Bluekissed

The Kitchen Table and Ambrosia

2009.02.07 03:15:33

I just received word today that the Ambrosia Anthology will release on Valentine's Day!  As excited as I was that Power Plays released on Inauguration Day, this release date is equally wonderful.  What better way to prepare for some heart day lovin' than by reading steamy, romantic stories?

The Kitchen Table is one of my favorites of the stories I've written thus far because I see a lot of Carla in myself.  She has the opportunity to play with several types of food while having a few spats with other characters.

There were a few scenes in this story that I heavily debated if I could pull off in an erotic work.  I had a lot of fun playing with the prose in the attempt, especially since I love my real life mother-in-law quite a bit.  For the record, she's nothing like Lucille.  If you're confused my by comment, you'll have to read the anthology to figure out what I mean!

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