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Elizabeth Miette

Be Still My Trembling Heart....

2009.02.07 09:47:55
Oh, how many times have we read those words? Countless, no doubt and yet, they still mean something. Funny how certain words never lose their meaning, even with repeated use. For me though, there are words that do fail, especially when there is no connection of action to word. I lived a life of hollow "I love you's" and abuse, but I escaped all of that. I tremble on the edge of declaring those words for a man who deserves to hear them, who really earns the right to have my heart, but I fear that moment. Not because I think he would react poorly, by now he is probably expecting it. And not because I have a single shard of doubt within me, I am more sure of my feelings for this man than I have ever been in all my life. I fear the moment that I say the words because, I will never have the chance to say them for the first time to him, ever again. I want that one single moment, when I say those three enchanted words to be glimmering with the emotion that I feel welling up inside of me everytime he brushes my hair from my face. I want to say those words, and I want it to be perfect  if only for a single second. Cupid?? You with me?

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