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Lisa Lane

The Joys of Alien Sex

2009.02.12 10:10:09

For me, half the fun of writing science fiction is creating new worlds and new kinds of people, and seeing just how rich and unique I can make them. I love the feeling that comes when that special level of depth and uniqueness develops, when a world paints itself across the page, and the characters take on lives of their own. When it comes to writing about aliens, I feel that it is important to make their worlds, beliefs, and histories meaningful and real. When it comes to writing about aliens and sex, I believe it is just as important to make the characters’ sexual experiences reflect something important or unique about their people. Those characters, in turn, reflect something about all of us.


I had a blast exploring the numerous groups encountered by the Pandora’s Hope crew, in my book Lust in Space. Each type of alien is very different from the next, and each affects the crew in a different way:


Esirians: Esirians, or “Unicorn People,” are a dying race. Spread across the galaxy in waning groups, the Esirians were forced to abandon their planet, after biological warfare left it uninhabitable. Identifiable by their tall stature, pale features, and horn-like structure on the forehead, Esirians are highly intelligent and exceptionally sensitive. They are passionate lovers, and the majority of them are bisexual.


Tantra: The Tantra are bodiless entities that live off sexual energy. Able to enter the minds of the sleeping, Tantra seduce their victims with hot, exciting dreams, and then feed off their life-force like psychic leeches. They have no regard for humanoid life. Tantric space is especially dangerous to Esirians.


Locaru: The Locaru are two-inch-tall, insect-like people, who group together to explore space, via living super antennae. They are extremely intelligent. Technology and music are religion to them; they believe that to explore both is to experience God. A good beat will induce in them an excited buzz, and they seem particularly animated when exposed to twentieth-century Earth disco. Locaru are selfless lovers, incapable of jealousy, and are delightfully creative, especially when paired off with individuals of larger races.


N’yebi: The last of the N’yebi live on a large, wandering ship. Their waning gene pool has riddled their youngest generations with sterility, and the crew is always looking for compatible races willing to donate their genes. The N’yebi are hungry sexual beings, its women willing to engage in threesomes, even foursomes, with the same man, in attempt to conceive and help save their dying race.


Gatgars and Nova: The Gatgars and the Nova are actually the same race, but they distinguish themselves by color; until the revolution, the dark Gatgars enslaved the pale Nova, and their people continue to fight, to this day. They are shape-shifters, capable of transforming into the likeness and characteristics of any humanoid they touch. They are a technologically advanced race, so advanced that they rely on hand-held computers in order to communicate, their natural speech capabilities nonexistent. They are asexual, reproducing spontaneously when they reach sexual maturity. When a handful of Gatgar stowaways take on human forms in order to survive in the simulated human atmosphere on Pandora’s Hope, they experience interaction, physical touch, and sex for the first time . . . and then decide they’re not willing to give them up.


For me, exploring the sexual nature of these different alien races was a chance to investigate the nature of sexuality. As a science fiction writer, I love to explore, play with literary values, and push my own boundaries. Writing Lust in Space helped me to do that more than any other piece I’ve written, and it is my hope that the experience is just as fun and enlightening for those who read it.

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