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Ravenous Romance Author Blog

Morgan James

Revolutionary Guys...A Wild Thought!

2009.02.13 23:27:25
man of the shadows

I’ve just noticed that EM Brown’s new Ravenous Romance novel, “A Soldier’s Seduction” has some things in common with my RR novel, “Man of the Shadows.” Both involve the American Revolutionary War period. But involve some sort of time travel or time warp. Both have incredibly handsome officers as main characters.

Now anyone who has read my earlier blogs knows what effect handsome men in tri-corns, leather riding boots, queues, and billowy white colonial-style shirts (or any combination of the above) have on me, and it’s pretty powerful. It flips that erotic switch and gets the currents flowing! Zing!

So I was thinking. How cool would it be to have a “combination sequel” to those two novels that was actually sprung from the earlier two stories? Brown’s character, British Captain Kerry Bradford and my character, American Lieutenant Alexander Wyeth, fight over the same lady (time traveler? maybe. a lady contemporary to their time? perhaps), much to the fury of the men and to the delight of the lady. When all is said and done, who knows, maybe it would end up with a post-war three-way love fest in some remote New England tavern. Now that’s a book I would not only write, but would also read in a heartbeat. Just thinking of it now has me worked up.

No, the sequel won’t happen. Brown and I are two different writers doing our own things. But still, this is how imagination gets going. An idea that leaps to mind, then morphs and takes shape based on one’s personal desires and dreams. It’s what I do as a writer. Yes, it got me into trouble as a kid in school (“You have to stop daydreaming and start paying attention in class!”) but it serves me well in my profession.

But whether you are a writer, reader, artist, cook, teacher, mail carrier, homemaker, or military officer, you have an imagination for a purpose. Imaginations help us solve problems. They help us envision what we should do next. They help us empathize with other people. And they help us spice up our lives with all sorts of sexy, steamy, erotic, fantastic, fun scenarios that get our hearts beating faster and our currents running on overdrive! So savor your imagination! It’s yours for the keeping!


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