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Ryan Field

Follow Up on Lasting Love Submissions...

2009.02.17 21:49:48
After the post about all the great submissions for the Lasting Love anthology, I had to follow up with this short post. As I said, all the submissions were good, and I have a feeling that the one I didn't actually get a chance to read was good, too.

I'll explain. Last Friday afternoon I received a last minute e-mail from a writer who wanted to submit for the anthology, but didn't see the call for submission until that week. The deadline was Saturday, and the writer wanted to know if they could submit early the following week. They couldn't submit on Saturday because of religious reasons, and apologized a thousand times. So I replied and said they could submit on Monday or Tuesday. I wasn't sure if I'd be working on Sunday (I did anyway) so there would still be time early in the week to read the short story. I don't know how other editors feel, but when someone contacts me at the last minute with a well written e-mail and a good voice, I'm curious and I want to know more about them.

As it turned out, this writer didn't get a chance to submit anything because of the time factor. And I understood that; I've been there myself. The writer e-mailed me after reading the Lasting Love post I wrote, and explained this in another well written, professional e-mail.

So if this writer is reading this post, I'm hoping they continue to follow the ravenous romance calls for submissions, because now I'm really curious.

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