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EM Lynley

Dogwoods, cherry blossoms & endorphins

2009.02.21 01:43:44

I just came back from a walk around my neighborhood.

We've had rain for most of the week, but yesterday and today the sun is shining and it's really warm, so I went outside for some fresh air and vitamin D.

I wish I had a digital camera because the trees are blooming and it's just so damn pretty out there. I love dogwoods. I grew up in Florida where we had no seasons and no flowering trees. We had beach sand and crabs on the front doorstep and mango trees in the backyard and of course coconut palm trees.  I never saw flowers on a real tree until I was 11 and we moved to New Jersey. That was probably the only thing I liked about NJ, all the flowers on the trees and every week in the spring a different tree would come into bloom and it was just so ... pretty.

The dogwoods started blooming a couple of weeks ago, and so did the cherry blossoms. At least the dogwoods hold their blooms. The cherry blossoms start losing petals right away. I know this because my car is parked under one and it's constantly covered in tiny pale pink petals that dry and stick to the windshield. I almost feel another "when I lived in Japan" story coming on here, but I'll spare you all, unless anyone is interested, then let me know.

But anyway, I can highly recommend a stroll around flowering trees for putting oneself in a better mood. Now, I'm ready to sit down and put in a few solid hours of writing on my next novel for Ravenous. I'll share some information about that next time!


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