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Ravenous Romance Author Blog

Brandi Woodlawn

Sweaty Sex Anthology Reviewed by Coffee Time Romance

2009.05.17 03:02:08

Many thanks to Danielle at Coffee Time Romance for her review of the Sweaty Sex Anthology and my story, "Her Blade, My Lover." Knowing someone enjoyed the story really made my day.

"Her Blade, My Lover by Ms. Woodlawn is a hot, steamy, and fun story about the amusing games that can be played in the bedroom..."

You can read the full review here. If you like what you see, the anthology can be purchased here.


Brandi Kiss

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Ravenous Romance Author Blog

Jen Bluekissed

Short Stories and Longer Works

2009.04.01 07:13:32

I've been incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to write short stories for Ravenous Romance's anthologies.  One of the things I love about short stories and the ebook market in general is the quick turn around time from turning in the story to when it goes into electronic print.  As I reflect that I began writing shorts for publication in November of 2008 and I already have stories in Power Plays, Experimental, Ambrosia, and Sweaty Sex and have received acceptance into the upcoming Rekindled, DILF, and Women of the Bite anthologies, I can't help but have warm fuzzies.  RR was the first publisher to which I submitted.

I'm still plugging away at some longer works.

All of my reflection has caused me to realize how important studying the craft of writing is to success.  As writers, we're all told that writing is only one piece of the puzzle to success.  There are marketing, blogging, freebies, queries, proposals, building a fan base, social networking, commenting on other people's blogs, building a platform, and endless other tasks to complete.

I agree that all those things are important, but experimentation, writing, rewriting, and paying attention to my mistakes couldn't be more important.  Sure, I write a dud every now and again.  Nobody receives acceptances 100% of the time.  My duds are fermenting into other pieces altogether.  Dud wine can be perfectly sweet after the pieces morph into something else altogether!

On a side note, I recently searched google blog search ( using the world "erotica."  My personal blog today showed up on the first page as the 8th result out of 766,414 hits for the word erotica.  I'm thrilled that is doing well.  You all must be googling me!

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Ravenous Romance Author Blog

Jen Bluekissed

Sweaty Sex and

2009.02.24 06:57:21

Sweaty Sex releases today!  My short story, "Getting Lucky Isn't The Same As Being Lucky," is included.  I had a ton of fun writing this one and would like to mention a few things about the story that set it apart from some of my others.

"Getting Lucky," is a baseball story.  I'm a huge baseball fan.  The rivalry between the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs has kept me up many a summer night.  The setting for the story is in Dubuque, Iowa and Dyersville, Iowa.  I'm originally from Dubuque, so creating a rivalry for the two minor league baseball teams, the Iowa Cobs and the Idaho Spuds, was a hoot.  (I was utterly tempted to type Kernels rather than Cobbs.  The temptation almost got the better of me, but the Cedar Rapids Kernels may not have appreciated my using their real life team).

My husband's family is from Idaho.  Now that I'm no longer living in Iowa, I can't tell you how many people with whom I've spoken have mixed up Iowa and Idaho in casual conversation.  I couldn't resist using both in the story.  Other than farmland, the two states are very different places.

I will also mention that most of the details regarding Dubuque are true.  There are only two details that I fabricated.  One of the things I made up is that Dubuque doesn't really have a minor league baseball team.  I even found a way to work Loras College into the story  I attended Loras, graduating with BA degrees in English, Spanish, and Secondary Education.  Go Duhawks!

On a completely different note, the kind folks at the Geek Squad were able to recover all the files on my laptop as well as wipe the virus clean.  I've been breathing a giant sigh of relief for the past two days.  Let's just say that now I own more thumb drives than I care to admit.

I can't help but thank all of my readers for putting both Experimental and Ambrosia in the top ten!  Let's put this anthology there too!

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Ravenous Romance Author Blog

Brandi Woodlawn

Sweaty Sex is in the air

2009.02.23 21:45:21

Fencing is a sexy sport.  I love to watch it.  It reminds me of the days of the duel and the uber romantic idea of two suitors fighting to the death for love.  However, there can be a playful, silly side to the sport, too.  It all depends on your choice of weapon and what you are ultimately fighting for.  It's the silly side of love that I decided to explore in my story, "Her Blade, My Lover."  Maybe it's a little self-indulgent.  I hope you won't mind.



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