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Ravenous Romance Author Blog

Jen Bluekissed


2009.05.27 16:45:50


I'm in the process of writing three short stories for Nashville Pride.  Each story has approximately 5,000 words and if read together will form a novella of sorts.  Because Nashville Pride on June 20th is an event celebrating pride, my free stories will be centered around the LGBT community.  One story will be male/male, one story will be female/female, and one story will be straight.

I've completed the male/male story.  The title of it is "Skywalk."  I'm almost finished with the female/female story.  The working title of that one is "Hot Stuff."  I'll be working on the male/female story later this week.

If you don't live within traveling distance of Nashville, TN but you want a free story trio (I'm not going to post to this blog as an incentive for people to come and see me on June 20th), consider signing up for my newsletter. There's a form on for you to sign up.

I don't believe in spamming, so the newsletter will only be sent out when one of three things happens.

1) I have free stories to give away
2) I intend to be at a public event for you to meet me
3) A new story releases through my publisher

If you don't feel like giving me your email address, feel free to create a new one through a free site like gmail, hotmail, or yahoo.

I'll be pasting the stories directly into the body of an email.  Attachments are evil.  I don't open them and I hope you don't open them from people you don't know either.

P.S. is almost ready.  Just fixing a few last minute bugs.  I intend to have it up and running before June 20th, hopefully much sooner.

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Ravenous Romance Author Blog

Jen Bluekissed

Nashville Pride/PrideFest 2009

2009.03.17 07:51:51

I just signed up for a vendor table at Nashville Pride 2009.  Information about Nashville Pride can be found a  I will be giving out free stories on CD.  The plan is to have one m/m story, one f/f story, and one m/f story all burned to the same disc.  If you live in Nashville or are making a vacation in my neck of the woods, stop on by.  The stories I'll be giving out are exclusives that I won't be submitting for publication.  They're going to be "in person only" stories that I'm not putting on my blog either.  Mark you calendars for June 20, 2009

Jen Bluekissed

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