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Ravenous Romance Author Blog

Jen Bluekissed

Random Thoughts

2009.04.22 08:16:39

Since Sex and Taxes released on April 15th, I've been thinking more and more about how taxes are more or less inevitable.  Why not make them sexy?  I'm pleasantly surprised to see Sex and Taxes in this week's top 10 list.  "Barrel of Fun," makes me get little naughty shivers every time I picture what the characters do in the story.

Speaking of naughtiness, I drove from Tennessee to Iowa on Thursday of last week and then from Iowa back to Tennessee on Sunday.  22 hours of driving in four days was a bit much.

But Ravenous Romance audio books made the driving oh, so much better!

Of the three titles I played in the car, so far my favorite is by far Ryan Field's An Officer and His Gentle Man.  As much as I could allow myself to be on edge and wishing I could pull over while driving, I found myself cussing under my breath every time the GPS started talking to me.  I backtracked on the CD tract every time the GPS decided that taking the right exit was more important than the sexy male voice pumping through the speakers of my car.

Let me tell you, the canned voice on my GPS got on my nerves when it interrupted the dirty talk and naughty deeds between the two main characters!  I wasn't quite ready to disable the GPS, but I considered it.

Aural stimulation while driving is such fun.  :)  I'm pleased to be a part of these anthologies with such talented writers.

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Ravenous Romance Author Blog

Ryan Field

Happy Launch Day for SEX AND TAXES...

2009.04.15 19:00:08

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Launch Day for SEX AND TAXES...

The new anthology, SEX AND TAXES, was just released today. The timing couldn't have been better, and the stories are hot. I contributed a gay story to this that's about a sexy personal trainer who seeks help with his taxes from a nerdy accountant. But once they start working together, it turns out the nerdy accountant is interested in much more than just taxes. Below is the intro to the book. I'll post something from my story later this week.
It’s that time of the year again, when we try to make sense of every receipt, credit card charge, and explain how we spent so much on taxi cabs and dry cleaning. I am always fascinated by what I spent and how I spent it, but bored beyond belief at having to go through the process of tallying up these figures and explaining them to my accountant, who is another single woman like myself.
It takes me days to get my personal taxes in order because I daydream about anything but doing my taxes. I also daydream about some hot young accountant doing my taxes, and then about me doing some hot young accountant.
And that’s what inspired this anthology.
Believe it or not, I think the process of doing my taxes leads to erotic daydreams. And that’s the case with these ten stories about desperate taxpayers and the accountants who service them, as well as the IRS agents who take advantage of them, or allow themselves to be taken advantage of. There’s even a true bloodsucking accountant in the mix.
So we hope that after you’ve waited on that long line at he post office to send your taxes to the feds and the state (with your check enclosed), you’ll curl up with this nice ebook and think about what could have been. Or maybe start looking for a hot new accountant for next year (and send us a referral!).
Lori Perkins
April, 2009

Tags: Sex and Taxes | Lori Perkins | erotic romance anthology | ravenous romance | Ryan Field

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Ravenous Romance Author Blog

Ryan Field

SEX AND TAXES by Lori Perkins...

2009.04.07 19:58:32

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lori Perkins' Sex and Taxes Anthology...

I just mailed the contract for the new ravenousromance anthology SEX AND TAXES. It was edited, created and designed by Lori Perkins, and I'm really looking forward to reading the stories when the book is launched. I hate taxes: they freak me out until I get them out of the way each year. But anything that makes paying taxes fun, has to be good.

I know a few of the other authors in the book. One contributed two stories to my own upcoming anthology, LASTING LUST: KINKY COUPLES IN LOVE. He's an excellent new writer with a strong male voice and I can't wait to read his version of sex and taxes. I also know a few of the other contributors. Some are seasoned professionals writing with pen names. I've been in books with them before, and I've always liked what they've written.

This is the fourth anthology I've been in that has been edited by Lori Perkins. I was pleased with the first three, and I can't wait for this one. It's going to be out fast, too. Most likely by April 15th.

Tags: Lasting Lust: Kinky Couples in Love | anthologies | Lori Perkins | Sex and Taxes

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